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The Seasons

Seasonal Yoga and the 5 Elements

The seasons and 5 Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine

The elements we work with in Seasonal Yoga are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. As well as other areas, each of the Elements have a season attributed to them. There is a certain energy in each season as you’ll probably know. Therefore in the summer when our energy is high (yang) we work more on heart and circulation, so more vigorous flows. And in winter when our energy dips (yin) we slow down and work more on yin and restorative yoga. Below is a summary of the seasonal energy. Click on more info or use the menu dropdown for a more in-depth account.


Wood Element

Spring is a time for new growth as our energy rises upwards.


Fire Element

Summer is a time for expansion as our energy soars outwards.

Late Summer

Earth Element

Late Summer is a time for grounding as our energy travels down.


Metal Element

Autumn is a time for release as our energy gathers inwards. 


Water Element

Winter is a time for rest as our energy travels deep down within.