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Online Yoga Classes

Online classes continue for the time being...

All classes are based on Hatha Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine using the 5 Elements Framework for health and wellbeing. Although they all have a different aspect they all include regular yoga postures using breath work, qigong and acupressure as appropriate.

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I use the Zoom platform.
To get the best out of your session see: Using Zoom

Payment is £5 per class or £20 per month for both online classes.
The Yoga for Sleep Recovery 5 week course is £60.

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Online Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes online Zoom

Seasonal Yoga


(60 minutes)

Yoga tailored to the time of year working with nature to strengthen our body and calm our mind. Yoga asanas, Pranayama, Qigong and meditation as relevant. Working with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 5 Element theory.

Bathgate Yoga Workshop

Restorative Yoga

12 noon

(45 minutes)

This is a gentle restorative class to help with energy levels.

 This class centres on restoring energy to our body and peace to our mind. Gentle, easy to do suported yoga postures to restore.

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Monthly Pass


If you'd like to come to both online classes then you can book a monthly pass and save £20.

Starts the first Monday of each month.

Due to the festive break
next block will start Jan 4th 2021.

Online Courses

Sleeping woman

Sleep Recovery 5 Week Course

5pm - 6.20pm

(80 minutes)

Once your head hits the pillow does your mind decide it’s time to work overtime? Or do you fall asleep quickly but wake up a few hours later with your heart or mind racing? Or can you sleep all through the night but wake up feeling groggy with no energy?

Well fear not as it doesn’t have to be this way… you can actually improve your sleep and get back on track using this 5 step yoga-based method for improving your sleep, deepening your rest and waking up more refreshed. Developed by Lisa Sanfilippo the course covers all aspects of sleep and energy imbalance.

Next start date January 14th 2021

Yoga in the Workplace

Yoga in the Workplace

Wellness Programme

Yoga not only gives your staff a healthy break away from their desk but also the tools to use as and when required for preventative stress and tension and also mental wellbeing.

These yoga sessions can be individually tailored to suit the type of work related to your business/organisation.

If you are responsible for your staff's health and wellbeing at work and would like to incorporate yoga sessions or the 5 week Sleep Recovery course into your strategy then please contact me to discuss options.

Why is yoga a good choice?

I can follow Morag’s instructions online very easily

The fact that I can still attend weekly yoga sessions with the same teacher is a godsend just now. I love Morag’s classes and missed them in the first weeks

Yoga silhouette
Isobel Peel

The breathing exercises are powerful… and bring me into a balanced state

“It’s a delight to join Morag for Yoga ~ her classes have a basis in classical Hatha Yoga, like the Sun Salutation, but are always varied. The breathing exercises she

Yoga silhouette
Mary Laidlaw
BWY teacher, Kilmacolm

I have felt the same benefits doing our practice on zoom as I did in person

“Morags ‘in person’ classes are wonderful and although I had a few reservations at first I have felt the same benefits doing our practice on zoom as I did in

Yoga silhouette
Lorna McOwat

Morag’s yoga classes really make a difference to my life

“I started attending these classes on Zoom at the beginning of lockdown. Morag’s yoga classes really make a difference to my life. She has a lovely soothing voice, taking us

Yoga silhouette
Janet I

The style of yoga and times differs each day which is really beneficial

I think it speaks volumes in itself that I have thoroughly enjoyed attending all of Morag’s online yoga classes during lockdown. The style of yoga and times differs each day,

Yoga silhouette
Cheryl Shields

Really enjoying the online classes

Really enjoying the online classes, a great way to keep up yoga practice in testing times.

Yoga silhouette

Morag’s online classes are invigorating and an oasis of calm at this time

Morag’s online classes are invigorating and an oasis of calm and serenity at this time. We work diligently and fluidly in the poses or asanas and breathing exercises, which are

Yoga silhouette
Jane Bell

Improvements in strength, balance, flexibility and mood

Since doing these weekly yoga classes I have seen improvements in strength, balance, flexibility and mood.

Yoga silhouette
G Hadden

The classes are friendly and Morag has a clear way of explaining the postures

“I like the holistic approach of Morag’s yoga classes and I’ve noticed improvements in my flexibility and wellbeing since starting. Being able to attend the online classes during lockdown is

Yoga silhouette