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Yoga Workshops

Seasonal Yoga Workshops

These yoga workshops focus mostly around the related season and correspond to the principles of TCM 5 Elements. They incorporate Qigong and Do-In (self shiatsu) energy work as well as occasionally shiatsu massage swaps and myofacial release depending on the workshop. They are a great way to immerse yourself into the season and align your energy with nature as well as deepening your practice and knowledge of yoga. More information is provided within each workshop when current.

Below are upcoming and recurring workshops. If you would like to be kept informed when new ones are happening then get in touch and I will keep you posted. 

"This opened up a new world of energy work which I’ve never felt so strongly before. It was Perfect."

Recurring Seasonal Yoga Workshops

Spring Forward

Love & Joy

Late Summer

Letting Go

Rest & Restore

Other Yoga Workshops

Sleep Recovery
Reclaim Your Sleep

Body Clock
Reset Your Biological Clock

5 Koshas
Going Deeper

If you’d like to be kept posted on upcoming workshops then Let Me Know.