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121 Yoga Sessions

Private 121 Yoga Sessions

If you would like to have more individual attention in your yoga practice perhaps to help with a certain pose, practice safe yoga while healing from an injury or other health issue whether physical or mental/emotional then you can book in for a private 121 yoga session with me. 

The sessions are guided by what you want to work on. For instance you might have a health condition like fibromyalgia or back pain which can limit what you can do in a regular class. Therefore we would have an initial discussion on where you are at and what you’d like to accomplish. I then guide you through a unique specialised plan for your own condition, constitution and lifestyle. 

I cover yoga postures, breath work, meditation and energy work as relevant, which is agreed beforehand in our initial free discussion. 

So why choose a 121 yoga session?

Most people who have come for a 121 yoga session with me have done so because of either a physical issue or a mental health issue. However a private session can be valuable if you: 

  • Are new to yoga and would like extra tuition to complement a class.
  • Want to practice a certain asana pose more in-depth.
  • Would like to delve deeper into meditation, breath work or the relaxation side of yoga.
  • Want to develop a bespoke personal routine that suits your needs.
  • Want help with stress management or anxiety.
  • Have a health issue either physical or mental/emotional that prevents you from joining a regular class and would still like to get the benefits of yoga.

Or simply if you prefer a private session with individual attention and guidance.  

What you get

  • Individual sessions tailored entirely for where you are right now.
  • Follow up document with an individual plan of action and guidance after the first session.
  • If it’s online you can also get the session recorded to play back as and when. 

These 121 yoga sessions are by appointment and can be in person or online.

Triangle yoga posture.
1:1 yoga session.