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What the Yogi's say...

In-Person Yoga Classes

Definitely the best yoga class I’ve been to! 

“I really loved your class.  It was exactly what I needed when going through the IVF process.  It really helped me cope with the stress and emotional side.  I felt like I learned a lot about different areas of the body to target at different times as you were so knowledgeable and explained everything really well.  I loved that every week was different so it kept things interesting.  Definitely the best yoga class I’ve been to!” 

In Person Student

Yoga students doing a forward fold image for online yoga with Zoom.

Online Yoga Classes

I have a sense of calm… and more able to cope with life.

“I started attending these classes on Zoom at the beginning of lockdown. Morag’s yoga classes really make a difference to my life. She has a lovely soothing voice, taking us through energising challenging postures as well as calming relaxation all the while focusing on mindful yoga breathing. I particularly enjoy the qigong elements of the class for energy flow, healing and stress-relief. At the end of the class I feel nicely stretched out and relaxed. I have a sense of calm – feeling centred, grounded and more able to cope with life. Thank you Morag!”

Janet I

Online yoga class on multiple devices.

Yoga Workshops

Truly beautiful and inspiring

“Truly beautiful and inspiring experience. This opened up a new world of energy work which I’ve never felt so strongly before. Really encourages you to hone into intuitive experience and subtle energies. It was Perfect.”


Group yoga meditation