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If you are new to using the Zoom App then these instructions might be helpful:

  1. You will have to have a laptop, mobile phone or other device that can connect to the internet.
  2. It’s best if possible to have any other devices not being used to be disconnected from internet to enable you to have a better connection, for example you might use a laptop but you might still be connected to your wifi via your smart phone.
  3. When you join the ‘meeting’ you will be put in a waiting room. As soon as I see you there I’ll click for you to come in. This is a security requirement by Zoom to save anybody spamming the link and gate crashing…!
  4. Once on please check your audio and video are switched on. This is the most common mistake made even with people who are used to it. You’ll find these at the bottom left of your screen with little icons. If there is a line through it the it is likely to be off. You just click it and you’ll get the option to switch it on.
  5. You have two viewing options: Gallery view or Speaker These are normally at the top right.
    1. Gallery view lets you see everyone at the same time and when someone speaks they will be highlighted somehow. Usually by a green border around their image.
    2. Speaker view gives the main screen to whoever is speaking. You should still have the small images on the side somewhere. It’s up to you which you prefer at the start and end of the session but when the class begins it’s best to have speaker view on as then you will see me on the main screen.
  6. Once the class starts I will ‘mute’ everyone’s mic. This is so as there will be no other noise distractions and in case the main screen gets taken up with someone else coughing, dog barking etc. You can un mute it by pressing the space bar it you need to get my attention. Or you can just wave. I will un mute everyone again during relaxation so as we can all do our Om’s together.
  7. Some people prefer to switch their video off or point their cameras away. This is absolutely fine and your choice. I have limited ability to view you anyway with more than a few people on the screen. The benefits mainly for me if you keep them on is that I can see from a distance if you have heard me and are following the instructions. There will be no checking in if you have feet in alignment etc so it’s more crucial that you can see and hear me.

To join you just need to click the link I send which will take you to Zoom and then put in the password – and meeting ID if needed.

Zoom screenshot