Yoga in Bathgate

Bathgate Partnership Centre - In person yoga classes.

Yoga Bathgate in person classes started again in May 2021. There is something about in person yoga that you can't get online and it's such a joy to be back teaching. Of course online yoga classes are great and does fill a gap and enables us to keep practicing. And it looks like it is here to stay. We follow government guidelines in the class for social distancing.

Bathgate Partnership Centre


Lindsay House
South Bridge Street, Bathgate
West Lothian EH48 1TS

7pm - 8.10pm
Class duration is 1 hour and 10 minutes.
Costs are £7 per class or £26 for block of 4.

Please adhere to our COVID-19 policy which you can download HERE.

07786 103 433

Sorry no class tonight 19th October.

Type of Yoga

This Seasonal Hatha Yoga class in Bathgate pays attention to the time of year as well as the breath and rounds off with a nice relaxation (savasana), which can take the form of Yoga Nidra or meditation to help the body assimilate the asana practice beforehand. Seasonal yoga is basically traditional yoga tailored to suit the time of year according to Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 elements. It also encompasses energy work as in Qi Gong and Doa In (self shiatsu).

Teaching Style

My teaching style focuses on the breath to help with the flow of energy both to strengthen and energise the body while at the same time calming the mind. You can expect a nice calm but strong practice balanced between poses, breath work and meditation, not to mention the all important yoga nidra which is something else entirely!


These classes are inclusive and as such are suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike. You are guided throughout the practice and modifications are offered. Yoga is for everyone regardless of size, shape or ability. If you are a beginner or have any concerns due to physical or mental abilities then please contact me for a confidential chat.

What to Bring

You now must bring your own mat and any props, usually just a belt and a blanket. Apart from that just clothes you can easily move about in and water.