Mid Winter Stillness

Yoga Workshop

Totally Immerse yourself in a deeply relaxing Yin experience to Rest, Restore and Renew your whole system for the year ahead.

Sunday 30th January 2022  |  2-5pm  | Online  |  £27

Winter is a time for stillness. It’s the ultimate Yin time of year where our energy turns inward coming down to the deepest level. By being still we restore our energy, quiet our mind and find peace.

Paradoxically we tend to go into high gear in the run up to the festive season wearing ourselves out with endless shopping (normally with our adrenals on high alert) and lots of celebration. Of course this year again has been challenging, but worry too and uncertain times can also lead to burnout. So January can often see us experiencing a slump in energy and even depression setting in as our system collapses under the mental/emotional pressure.

So what better time to restore your energy? In fact it’s generally more vital now than ever. Just as at night we sleep to restore our energy for the next day, in the winter season we slow down and ‘sleep’ to restore our energy for the year ahead.

Winter & the Water Element

The WATER element with associated organs of the bladder and kidneys belong to the winter season. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view the bladder is associated with our autonomic nervous system and the kidneys store our Vital Essence, or energy. When these organs are out of balance then we can feel depleted, burnt out and on edge constantly with a sense of fear looming over us.

Issues with the lower back, ears, fatigue, anxiety and the nervous system are indications that there is an imbalance with the WATER element.

What to expect

In this yoga workshop we will explore the WATER element through Restorative Yoga, Qigong, Acupressure Massage, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra – recharging you for the year ahead. Since the WATER element is the ultimate Yin element you can expect a very deeply relaxing though strong workshop to strengthen your whole system.

Come along for a deeply relaxing afternoon to restore your energy and strengthen your will as we face the year ahead.

"I loved it and really enjoyed the whole afternoon. Perfect for this time of year."

LM, Renfrewshire
Participant at previous Winter workshop.