Yoga for Sleep Recovery Workshop

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Nearly a quarter of people in the UK struggle to fall asleep every single night and more than half struggle to get to sleep once or twice a week.

So, do you…

  • Find it hard to fall asleep?  
  • Or perhaps you wake up throughout the night?  
  • Or maybe you sleep long but wake up lethargic?

If you fall into one of these categories then this Yoga Therapy for Sleep workshop can improve your sleep and get you back to feeling human again. As let’s face it, when we haven’t had enough sleep we not only run on reserves but, and especially if it’s chronic, we can feel as if we’re on a different planet from everyone else!

Using this 5 step yoga-based method for insomnia will not only improve your sleep but give you the tools and knowledge to use as and when you need, and show you a different way of thinking about sleep altogether.

Based mainly on Lisa Sanfilippo’s Sleep Recovery 5 step course, as well as my own various trainings and experience of insomnia, the workshop covers all aspects of sleep and energy imbalance and also covers self shiatsu for sleep and particular yoga nidras – what kind, when and how to use them for maximum benefit.

So if you’d like to improve your sleep and restore your energy then this workshop is for you! You’ll discover a whole toolkit of knowledge and practical stuff to get you sleeping well again.

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What’s so different about this workshop?

You might already have tried a multitude of things without much joy. In this workshop we look at all aspects of sleep, as well as energy imbalance, and not just the mind. By the end of the day you will have the knowledge and tools at your fingertips to address your insomnia by repairing your body, reclaiming your mind and restoring a sense of calm.

Suitable for beginners as well as experienced yogis and yoga teachers alike. Only requirement is that you want to improve your sleep! 

Discover a Simple Sleep Sequence for bedtime

Practice breathing techniques to help ground or energise

Understand your mind and Train your Brain to 'switch off'

Manage your emotions and soothe your soul

What You’ll learn…

  1. Get to know your sleep type, we all have different constitutions and needs and this changes as we age.
  2. Understand sleep cycles and what happens in your brain during an average night’s sleep.
  3. Examine brainwaves and how we don’t just ‘switch off’ but change states.
  4. Discover Breathing techniques to energise or calm your nervous system.
  5. Find out how you do actually sleep compared to how you think you sleep and identify your own particular sleep saboteurs.
  6. Reboot your body clock and work with nature for sustainable energy and good sleep.
  7. Learn to listen to your body cues and work with your mind/body rather than against.
  8. Practice a Simple Sleep Sequence to help you settle down before bed.
  9. Find out what you might be doing in good faith that might be sabotaging your sleep.
  10. Settle your energy using acupressure points and meditation techniques.

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Purchase of this book below by Lisa Sanfilippo is advised though not essential as you will get relevant handouts.  

Click on the image of the book to be taken to the Book Depository website to purchase. Also available on Amazon and other outlets.