Sleep Recovery

5 week yoga for sleep recovery course

Once your head hits the pillow does your mind decide it’s time to work overtime?  Or do you fall asleep quickly but wake up a few hours later with your heart or mind racing?  Or maybe you can you sleep all through the night but wake up feeling groggy with no energy ?

Well fear not as it doesn’t have to be this way… you can actually improve your sleep and get back on track using this 5 step yoga-based method for improving your sleep, deepening your rest and waking up more refreshed. Developed by Lisa Sanfilippo the course covers all aspects of sleep and energy imbalance.

Nearly a quarter of people in the UK struggle to fall asleep every single night and more than half struggle to get to sleep once or twice a week.

If you fall into this category, whether occasional sleepless nights or chronic insomnia, and would like to restore your energy then come along to this course and discover a whole toolkit of knowledge and practical experience to get your sleep back on track.

What’s so different about this course?

We look at all aspects of sleep and energy and not just the mind. By the end of the course you will have the knowledge and tools at your fingertips to address your sleep issues or insomnia by having the tools to repair your body, reclaim your mind and restore a sense of calm.

Sleeping woman

Starting Thu 12 Nov 2020 
5pm – 6.20pm 

5 weeks – £60

Purchase of the book ‘Sleep Recovery’ by Lisa Sanfilippo is advised as it is part and parcel of the course.

Discover a Simple Sleep Sequence for bedtime

Practice breathing techniques to help ground or energise

Understand your mind and Train your Brain to 'switch off'

Manage your emotions and soothe your soul

10 reasons to take the course if you suffer from poor sleep:

  1. Get to know your sleep type, it’s not just night owl or lark we all have different constitutions and needs and this changes as we age.
  2. Understand sleep cycles and what happens in your brain during an average night’s sleep.
  3. Get to know brainwaves and how we don’t just ‘switch off’ but change states.
  4. Discover Breathing techniques to energise or calm your nervous system.
  5. Find out how you do actually sleep compare to how you think you sleep and identify your own particular sleep saboteurs.
  6. Reboot your body clock and work with nature for sustainable energy and good sleep.
  7. Learn to listen to your body cues and work with your mind/body rather than against.
  8. Practice a Simple Sleep Sequence to help you settle down before bed.
  9. Find out what you might be doing in good faith that might be sabotaging your sleep.
  10. Settle your energy using marma/acupressure points and meditation techniques.